Thursday, April 13, 2017

Right 4th File Rook (Migi Shikenbisha-右四間飛車)

Right Fourth File Rook (右四間飛車 migi shikenbisha) is a Static Rook opening/attacking formation which utilizes the power of the rook,the knight and the silver.
As the name suggests the rook is moved to the right 4th file,meaning 4th file for sente or 6th file for gote.In the attacking formation the knight is moved to 3g(sente) or 7c(gote) and the silver to 5f(sente) or 5d(gote).
Sente's aim is to attack the 4d square,usually by using the bishop as well.
This is a standard position:

It can be used with Left-Mino Castle,Left-Anaguma Castle mainly.
Furthermore,it is usually used versus 4th File Rook as a counter/defensive-offensive formation where both players usually form a Left-Mino Castle.

Here i provide some links of games you can find useful for more information on this opening:

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